EIT Raw Materials Accelerator & Start-up and SME Booster

Are you a start-up or SME determined to change the raw materials sector and contribute to its sustainable development?

Then don't hesitate and apply to one of the EIT Raw Materials programs aiming to support start-ups and SMEs and help them to achieve their ambitious goals.

Raw Materials Accelerator

This unique start-up accelerator, consisting of 3 phases (Invent, Build, Grow) offers 3 months of professional business coaching and €15 000 financial compensation of expenses from phase 1.

For more info visit https://eitrawmaterials.eu/accelerator/

Deadline: 3/9/2020

Raw Materials Booster

This program supports start-ups and SMEs and boosts the development of their innovative products and services. The participants not only get financial support and visibility but also access to the networking events of EIT Raw Materials as well as a chance to become an associated or proper member of the group.

For more info visit https://eitrawmaterials.eu/booster-call/

Deadline 4/9/2020

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