Our partnership with EIT Digital


EIT Digital is a pan-European organization aimed at promoting innovation, education, and entrepreneurship in digital technology. Civitta Slovakia is a partner of EIT Digital for the Slovak Republic and helps to identify interesting companies and corporations for cooperation with EIT Digital.

EIT Digital strengthens Europe’s position in the digital world by delivering breakthrough digital innovations to the market and breeding entrepreneurial talent for economic growth and improved quality of life. EIT Digital helps businesses and entrepreneurs to be at the frontier of digital innovation by providing them with technology, talent, and growth support.

The collaboration between Civitta Slovakia and EIT Digital takes place within ARISE Europe, EIT Digital's implementation of the EIT Regional Innovation Scheme (RIS). ARISE Europe is designed to stimulate regional growth in EU countries where EIT Digital is not physically present with a node. Its objective is to connect local and regional innovation centers and their ecosystems to EIT Digital's Europe-wide innovation and education ecosystem.


The goals of the collaboration between Civitta Slovakia and EIT Digital are:

  • to support scaling up and internationalization of innovative companies from Slovakia
  • building strategic business relationships with corporate companies in Slovakia
  • establishing a connection with relevant student communities in Slovakia and improving entrepreneurship skills of Slovak students
  • achieve visibility of joint activities between EIT Digital and CIVITTA Slovakia in Slovakia


The collaborative activities of Civitta Slovakia and EIT Digital and their objectives:

  • Introductions of scale-ups to EIT Digital’s business development team – to connect relevant scale-ups (based on scouting guidelines of EIT Digital) from Slovakia to the EIT Digital’s acceleration business development team.
  • Introduction of EIT Digital’s portfolio companies to industry representatives – to collaborate with EIT Digital’s team in facilitating introductions of EIT Digital’s portfolio companies to executives and innovation managers of Slovak corporate companies.
  • Student engagement activities- to improve entrepreneurship skills among ICT and STEM students in Slovakia who could, later on, found their own start-ups. It also aims to popularize EIT Digital’s educational programs.
  • Communication activities - to raise awareness about EIT Digital and to communicate activities conducted under the partnership agreement.


Local contact details:

Jaroslav Leitmann




More about EIT: https://eit.europa.eu

More about EIT in the Slovak language: https://eit.europa.eu/sk/in-your-language

More about EIT RIS: https://eit.europa.eu/our-activities/outreach/eit-regional-innovation-scheme-ris

About ARISE: https://www.eitdigital.eu/arise/  

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