Civitta presents the European Institute of Innovation & Technology (EIT) Urban Mobility report

Challenges of urban mobility

The issue of urban mobility is crucial to address. More than 50 % of inhabitants live in cities, with this trend expected to continue to double in size by 2025. Rapid urbanization presents significant challenges, such as lack of affordable housing, pollution, basic services or viable infrastructure. 

This over 70-page EIT Urban Mobility report delves deep into emerging local and global trends, specifically focusing on Slovakia’s urban mobility landscape.

The essence of the report

It addresses the history of urban mobility in Slovakia and the problems and challenges related to urban mobility, such as the increasing number of cars in cities and inappropriate infrastructure design. The report also analyzes worldwide trends in urban mobility and examines them in the Slovak context.

It mentions several innovative initiatives that have significant potential to improve urban mobility in Slovakia, such as European Mobility Week or Climathon Bratislava. The report provides recommendations and initiatives for different stakeholders in urban mobility.

It strongly indicates value and the need for collaboration between stakeholders within the urban mobility arena for effective urban mobility solutions and their adoption within the community. Additionally, the report features interviews with prominent mobility experts who offer valuable insights into the challenges and potential solutions.

Download EIT Mobility report HERE.